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South Coast Commercial Property Show 2022 - We enjoyed a day of networking, CPD and conversation at the SCCPS this year, with a shared stall with the
New “Homes” supplement launched with The News, Portsmouth’s local newspaper. - Last Friday saw the launch of a new property supplement in the Portsmouth News, this has been a welcome return
The Great Morass -From the Archives - Ask most people in Portsmouth about The Great Morass and they will probably have heard of it or know a
Value For Money – Revisited post - VALUE FOR MONEY. I have learnt that the one question a prospective client knows to ask a is ˜how much
Tenants be aware – Landlords beware! (Revisited) - Surely you would think, that all Landlord’s are aware that their AST (assured shorthold tenancy) deposits must be secured in
Some Top Tips if your Property is unoccupied in winter (Revisited) - This year we have had a fairly mild start to winter but it is inevitable that the cold spell will
When “Damp” is not Damp! - (A revisited post) This time of the year we are often phoned by concerned tenants who declare “we’ve got damp”
Inventory prevents invention - It is surprising how often Landlords and Tenants alike, avoid having an inventory prepared to save a few pounds, despite
PPA Commentary: Why are rents payable for leasehold property becoming more of a ground for concern? - Leasehold property is a hot topic in the current legal press with both commentators and indemnity insurers alert to the
Service charge horrors! - Speak to many flat owners in Portsmouth and they will have a tale of woe about what they pay for