The Neighbours are revolting

Everyone has very specific expectations about what their Landlord and Managing Agent should deliver. Most will also be quick to shout, quite rightly, when they don’t!

But what about the Leaseholder? Quick to know their rights, are they all as quick to understand their responsibilities? For all those literally, living on top of one another, simple consideration of your neighbours is essential. When moving from a house to a flat particularly, the change in living style will often come as a real shock. But, fail to consider your neighbours and you will eventually have a revolt on your hands!

Noise is the main cause of disputes, whether it is listening to Cliff Richards at full volume, DIY or workmen; keeping the volume down and neighbours informed of unusual noise and when it will occur, will help avoid complaints. And those wooden floors in house conversions? Neighbourly carpets or rugs are a real must and will often be required by your lease. Most importantly, get to know your neighbours! Issues can usually be resolved with a quick chat.

‘Water water everywhere….’ Water leaks are the most common cause of damage not only to your own property but also those beneath you and a great way to fall out. If going away from more than 48 hours turn off the water at the flat’s stopcock and provide your managing agent with an emergency contact.

Another great cause of disputes is ‘Parking Wars’. They are a problem everywhere; from your local shops, to the office, to your property’s car park. Allocated spaces should be respected and make visitors aware of where they can park. Visitor’s parking is just that! Parking your car in the visitor’s space to leave yours free is technically cheating and the promised neighbour revolt will soon follow.

Zoë Harris
Carnelian Property Services