Annual Quiz 2024 – Round Up

Thank you to Churchers Solicitor’s for their generous sponsorship of the Annual Quiz and for having 2 teams take part, and one of their teams lifting the winner’s trophy!

It was a fun and thought provoking night, with “Cheese or Services” as one of the rounds – who knew that this might have been a decider for Team PPA!

Ron Marchant was a superb Quiz master as usual, with great assistance by Jack, and Iain and Jen doing the tally. The pressure was on!

Great team spirits and delicious local takeaway fish chips and more was enjoyed on Friday night. Thank you to the members and their guests who supported the evening, purchasing raffle tickets to help raise funds also for the Chair’s chosen charities Enable Ability and Moving on Project Portsmouth.

Thank you to Enable Ability for supporting the evening and rustling up a team, and telling us a little more about the events – Fire Walking and more.

It was a shame that this event clashed with other events and Football, but we still enjoyed the evening and look forward to next year’s Quiz with more ideas and positive feedback.